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Posted by skye8070 | Dec 30, 2012 @ 10:22 AM | 7,324 Views

I bought this plane from Northeast Sailplanes at their Toledo booth upwards of 10 years ago. It's a wonderful little floaty plane, depending on the power system it's between 15-20 oz and with a thick airfoil and a 60" wingspan it flies a lot like a Carl Goldberg Gentle Lady. However, until now I've had a string of hard knocks and outright failures of the motors, batteries and speed controls on this plane. Or should I say I knew nothing about brushed or brushless motors and so I kept blowing them up, putting on the wrong props, and generally releasing the magic smoke from the speed controls.

So fast forward to this year and I now own a watt meter, a big selection of Li Po batteries, and the beginnings of a creeping knowledge of how to put all this junk together and not smoke them. Gosh I'm hard headed but I like to think I eventually "get it." Originally this plane came with a geared speed 400 brushed motor spinning about a 10" prop. It was powered by a 7 or 8 cell NiMh or Nicad battery pack. Back when it was new I'd fly with the 8 cell AA pack out of an electric Zagi and it would fly but gosh was it heavy. That gearbox started to go bad and I never did have luck finding a replacement that wouldn't grind hard too. Perhaps the motor mount system was to blame, I'm sure I "optimized" it to the point where it didn't work any more. That's kind of my specialty, messing with things till they break and I put them back on the shelf....Continue Reading