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Posted by skye8070 | Sep 22, 2012 @ 12:21 AM | 8,239 Views
I'm kind of a slow builder although this is one my quicker planes. I started and finished this plane in 2012 but it must have taken 6 months or more. Not a real tricky plane to build but cutting the ribs to insert the plywood shear plates around the joiner rod, gluing all that in there and ensuring really good adhesive coverage seemed to take me awhile. It weighs about 60 oz. I built the wing without carbon spar caps, actually, no carbon in the plane except for the push rods and the propeller blades.

Speaking of power, it's an Mpi folding hub, 13x10 aeronaut props, Himax 3522-0700 motor, 60 amp E flight ESC, and 2200 mAh 20C Hobby People 11.1v LiPo. At full throttle this goes up with authority at about 80 degrees and is getting to 200 meters in maybe 20 seconds. Probably about 55 oz of thrust in a 65 oz plane. I kind of cheaped out on the servos and I regret the elevator response from the big Hitec digital which seems slow. Although it does seem to re-center well which is the paramount quality you need in a sailplane elevator servo. With servos just under the trailing edge and ESC and battery under the front hatch it's balancing out perfectly according to plans. So just shifting the battery or ESC rear wards should be all the tuning needed for CG. Under the wing is mostly empty except for receiver and servos so ballast could be added. However I'm guessing this Oly-IIs is close to or even beyond 60 oz so it's already nicely weighted for a breezy day and I'll probably dedicate it toward windy ALES contest days for the most part.