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Posted by skye8070 | Jan 01, 2012 @ 01:42 PM | 7,218 Views
Let this stand a cautionary tale for those would be "go getters" out there. I'm here to tell you working a lot is good for the wallet, it can't hurt you chances for promotion, and it'll keep you off the street. But it's killer on your free time and may lead to sailplane-dysfunctitus. This is where your sailplanes stop functioning because they stay sitting on shelves and in your basement. A related problem is buildus-interruptus. That's where you have the same pile of sticks sitting on a plan on your workbench for months on end. A very dangerous syndrome is combining the two problems. This is where you have a bad sailplane and forget it's bad and needs a repair. But because it's so long in between flying sessions you forget that and try to go fly it anyway only to find out in the pre-flight check that the same gosh darn flap servo still doesn't work (it's the wiring most probably). That happened a month or two ago when I tried to go the slope...and only brought one plane...that didn't work. Aiy Chihuahua.

To all you R/C nuts out there and here's wishing all of you a Happy New Year!