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Posted by skye8070 | Jul 07, 2011 @ 07:00 PM | 8,366 Views
This week I'm attempting to prepare for the NATS. It's been a hectic year so I've gotten in much less flying with most of my planes than I wished. The only plane I'm comfortable with is the RES machine. That's been flying since March and it's flying style suits me (it's big, slow and requires few inputs). Both my unlimited machines are still in pieces which is insane this late in the game. My 2 meter needs a tail servo transplant. My backup 2 meter needs an Rx and new digital servos. And my Nostalgia plane looks like it's going to be the $30 swap meet special Oly-II. Because Unlimited is last in the week I'm going to work on those last but that's the only portion of this insanity that even sounds remotely well thought out. As long as I get a winch launch test flight of each and every one of these planes before their contest days I'll have to be content with that. Pure silliness. Gotta go work on some planes!