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Posted by skye8070 | Mar 08, 2010 @ 08:15 PM | 9,121 Views
I braved the state patrol infestation better known as Interstate 71 to make the trip from Columbus down to Cincinnati's Voice of America Park, located on the north side of the metro area just east of I-75. There I met Ed, Barry, and Dan who were already setup and getting ready to go. I brought out an old electric 60" park flyer to practice lefting and righting for a bit before breaking out the apparently appropriate Eraser for the winch. The Eraser flew great as usual, but the pilot really needs to fly it more and stall it less. Barry flew his Icon, Dan flew his Shadow first and Topaz second. Ed Franz helped Dan out with some test flying and tuning of the Shadow, which seemed to help out, according to Dan. Finally, Dan test flew the Topaz for the first time and then proceeded to get a 15 minute flight in for his LSF II task. He stretched the last 90 seconds with some ultra smooth flying and was rewarded with a 15:00 minute flight on the dot. Way to go Dan! Barry did an awesome job when it looked like his flight was done scratching some low level stuff and coring that out maybe 4 or 5 times higher than he started. Very impressive for his first day of flying for the year.

We all did a good job knocking the rust off and getting some nice "in-lift' minutes added to our personal time clocks (every minute in lift takes an hour of snow shoveling memories away). A wonderful time squinting at the sky was had by all and lift was really very nice with just a 5-...Continue Reading