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Posted by Gedexas | May 28, 2012 @ 02:10 PM | 4,279 Views
I will start this build with the radio gear, simply because I have to center the servos before they go in the frame.

First some soldering, my ESC needs a Deans plug. I'm using Exceed-RC proton 30A (looks to be one of many HobbyWing clones) and it comes with some variation of banana plugs (Pic #1). Last time I ordered a similar ESC it came with 12awg battery wires, for some reason this time I'm seeing a 16awg wires on this one, hopefully they will not melt when I fly. It has been a while since I soldered wires that thin to a ESC, this time I have the pleasure of keeping my fingerprints intact. This is also a good time to solder the BEC wires if you plan to use a BEC.

After soldering is done, I keep my fingers crossed and plug in the ESC to a Turnigy programming card, hopefully I'm right about this ESC being a HobbyWing clone and the card will not burn. Without any further suspense I can say that the card worked perfectly. Set the brake to off, very soft start, and a high LiPo cutoff voltage. Be aware that this ESC gets quite hot, so that external BEC might be a good idea after all.

For this Heli I use a DX6i, but everything I do applies to any other radio that is compatible with helis, of course the menus will not be the same, but you have a user's manual for that.

Now I can plug the receiver and center the servos. Firstly I create a new model in my radio, then change model type to heli, bind to the receiver, then plug all of the servos into the rudder channel,...Continue Reading