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Posted by Gedexas | Jan 03, 2012 @ 07:55 PM | 6,176 Views
I already have one of these and I like it so much that I decided to get another one.

Two things that need attention right away are belt tension and swash leveling. The belt was so tight on this one - the rollers were spread apart and angled. It is a matter of time before the belt rolls off of them and I pirouette to the ground.

Adjusting the belt on this heli requires the removal of the fuselage, I'm also planning to use the DX6i with it, so I will be taking the whole thing apart.

The fuselage is held on by the front skid mount, two canopy grommets and the tail box. First I removed the tail and carefully pushed the belt inside the tube - crimping the belt will probably weaken the threads in it.

Then I loosened the front skid mounts and pulled the front portion of the fuselage apart.

The canopy standoffs are two pieces threaded together, a 1.5mm hex takes care of that.

Next thing to go is the head assembly, removing it will make the rest of the process much simpler. All you do to take the head off is pop the servo-swash links, unscrew the antirotation pin and remove the jesus bolt.

Next, loosen the screws holding servos, remove servos, loosen screws holding the frame halves together, remove main gear with one way bearing (don't forget to lube it when reassembling), and split the frame. Don't bend the belt at any acute angles.

When I took my first HBK4 apart, I noticed that the belt rollers don't line up with the main belt pulley, as I mentioned above,...Continue Reading