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Posted by Gedexas | Dec 10, 2011 @ 06:52 PM | 5,916 Views
Finally, the parts I ordered last week showed up.

I started with taking the frame apart, this was pretty easy. Previously I had glued the bearings to the main shaft, so that was a bit of a PITA, but nothing a little flame won't fix.

One major problem preventing me from flying right now: E-Sky redesigned the canopy mounts so they hold the swash anti-rotation bracket in place. I will also need to drill/poke new holes in the old canopy, since I'm cheap and I like the look of the old canopy better. Good thing it's winter.

The part I forgot to order: Part No: 002802 - Esky Canopy Shoring

I have done a test hover with the new setup, in my (very subjective) opinion it flies much better. Cyclic response shows the most improvement, while collective is only marginally better.
Posted by Gedexas | Dec 03, 2011 @ 04:55 PM | 5,140 Views
I have noticed that my Belt CP V2 does not fly as well as my Honey Bee King4. The problem is with cyclic inputs being delayed and inaccurate, I decided it's the CP V2's linkage system that's the problem. I tried adjusting it as best as I can and taking out the slop, but it does not seem to be as good as I would like it.

The Belt CPX has a direct-to-swash CCPM system, and after doing some research, I have compiled a shopping list to "upgrade" the CPv2 to CPX. This is what I bought:

1.Part No: 002810 - Esky Anti-washout Set Of Swashplate.
2.Part No: 002805 - Esky Servo Pushrod Set Part No: 002805 - Esky.
Servo Pushrod Set.
3.Part No: 002804 - Esky Main Frame Set.
4.Part No: 002803 - Esky Pushrod Set.
5.Part No: 002801 - Esky Main Rotor Head Set.
6.(This is extra, it's not a part of the standard CPX package) Xtreme Fiber Blade for Belt CP V2 (Blue).

I'm not sure if this is all I need, so when the parts come in, I'll post a build/upgrade with the adventures/problems I encounter.