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Posted by Vince77 | Nov 01, 2012 @ 04:19 AM | 2,596 Views
I first wandered onto RCGroups looking for help to throw together a cheap VTOL using GWS brushed motors and gearboxes... hence the Osprey avatar.

It took nearly nine years to reach 200 posts (this one would be it). Iíve found myself enjoying the typical American pastime of working like mad to collect everything I might need and forgetting to put much real time into enjoying what Iíve found.

Well, with any luck I can turn that around. Iíve wandered from balsa builds to foam to an 80Ē gasser to nitro helicopters all in the last two years. I even cut out parts for a coroplast SPAD somewhere in thereÖ and my scattered posts can attest. Just yesterday, I subscribed to an FPV thread and found myself researching a simple camera/Tx/RX setup. The next browser tab was the Free Flight-to-R/C kitbash thread I was considering entering. The next browser tab was a pinion I thought would help me jam a Cox .049 into an electric heliÖ

Iím thinking I need to focus. Who knows how Iíll feel tomorrow, but today that means depron and EPO. The nitro heliís are going into storage for a bit and the gasser will have to find a nice place to hang. The electric heliís can tag along for now but Iím going to focus on the planes.

Iíll still wander around the forums as always but with any luck, Iíll have a few more hours in the air to chat about.

Vince L.
Posted by Vince77 | Nov 23, 2011 @ 04:52 AM | 2,583 Views
So I'm late to the social blog party (and I'll probably be leaving early at that), but here's a bit about meÖ

I've been flying a desk for the US Air Force for about 14 years now, and have had the opportunity to wreck planes and a couple heliís in California, Oklahoma, England, New Jersey, Qatar, Tokyo and now Italy. Started out in 1/2Aís at 12 years old and was scratch building a plane a month until I hit 18. Mostly from plans but I had a few designs myself. Joined the Air Force, married the high school sweetheart and have been too mobile ever since to keep a serious hanger. But while I wasnít looking; Lipoís, brushless motors and EPO/EPP/Depron came along and now Iím finding absolutely no excuse not to have more than a couple toyís knocking around.

Iíve been lurking in the forums, dropping a comment now and again when I have something constructive to add, and building up supplies. Hopefully you found this note because Iím throwing up photosÖ If not, feel free to remind me that while this is an awesome spectator sport, itís even better on the field.

Thanks all for sharing your info, designs and experiences here on RCG. Itís been invaluable to a returning balsa hack like me.

Vince L.