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Posted by twinkle | Jun 18, 2012 @ 03:45 PM | 9,845 Views
Hi Folks
Just a new addition to the nest a 42" depron slope soarer
couldnt find one in the scratch builts so I designed this one myself
KFm 4 wing made of 3 6mm depron pieces and the fuselage
built on a pair of pine longerons with 6mm depron tailplane and fin
2 channel 3 servos 315 sq inches and 17 ozs . wing loading of 8.5 oz sq ft

The wind turned up in the right direction today . 17mph .
great test flight . I was surprised how aerobatic it was with the small control surfaces 1" ailerons and elevator. loops, rolls and inverted flight without problems the KFm 4 worked well . if anyone is really interested I will describe the build fully . (Its a days Build from start to finish)
Have built a KFm 3 for more marginal conditions with 1.5 " ailerons and 48" span
fitted servos now the wing is complete and waiting to test fly when conditions improve
Here is the KFm 3 wing photo added 3/7/12

Built on Falcon Technology and the forerunner to the Funmaster see the falcon thread
Both slimline versions of the falcon but using KFm wings and doubles as a test bed for new wings using the now stock 42x7.5 wing sizes for holiday models

regards all emma