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Posted by twinkle | Feb 28, 2012 @ 04:58 PM | 8,881 Views
This little model started life as a profile model I found originally on the internet but it was not a success , after it spent 23 months sitting in the garage.
I decided to put a full fuselage and a kfm wing section I made my own canopy by pulling a lemonade bottle over a plug and fitted a 2812 motor and a 3s 1000 lipo
the worst bit was installing the esc above the battery in the nose .4 servos completed the model and I fitted it with 2" wheels .
What a difference its now a treat to fly and will perform aerobatics but not 3d although it will prop hang . The bigger wheels allow it to take off from grass .
Im glad I didn't scrap it .The model is covered in sign vinyl and weighs 550 gms giving it a 12oz/sqft wing loading.
Posted by twinkle | Feb 24, 2012 @ 06:52 AM | 8,395 Views
Well its almost Spring here and its 2012 a new (to me) caravan has been delivered to replace the elderly one .more powerpoints have been added to make model flying easier whilst away and the next step is to make the overhead model rack. after that my next job will be to design a new caravan holiday model which should take up less space when its not being flown and be easily repaired if the inevitable happens. I will make two so i have spare parts ready for use . it wold be nice to have a two part wing and removable tail and to keep me on my toes a 3s lipo and a 2812 motor .
I'm thinking of a kfm2 wing section and making the u/c removable but the whole thing must be quick to reassemble and look like an aeroplane and fly in conditions up to a 15mph wind . any ideas please summit a reply

the aircraft in the caravan is an own design based loosely on an ugly stick but looks like a pre ww2 trainer
Posted by twinkle | Feb 23, 2012 @ 04:37 PM | 8,586 Views
The New Jeckel has flown and has been finished in camouflage. After the test flight we modified it by fitting an undercarraige as the cost of cr props would make it an expensive model to land . It is lighter and still retains the same motors as the earlier versions . We fitted this model with differential throttles as we did not fit rudders to this one after several flights and problems we have fitted conventional rudders and removed the differential throttles the rudder servo has been fitted to the taiplane and an extension cable routed to the receiver .
This model also had a KFM 2 wing instead of my usual clarke Y section . The disadvantage was the transfers , these were difficult to make as they cover the step. The wires to the booms fitted in the front section of the section.
This version has a shorter tail moment than the earlier pair and a 5 inch longer wingspan. More photos are posted in the Jackal thread.
This version weighed 750 gms now with the bigger battery pack to balance the servo at the tail it weighs about 900gms .