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Posted by twinkle | Nov 15, 2011 @ 12:09 PM | 8,564 Views
Hi Everyone
Welcome to my blog

Having been taught to fly over 35 years ago and after a rest of a few years I
decided to return to model flying . Since my original attemps at electric flight in the early eighties with brushed 540 motors and nicads .The brushless revolution together with the Lipo has changed electric flight for the good
I enjoy most aspects of modelling and as one of my other hobbies is caravanning I like to mix them often flying out the back of remote caravan sites and farmers fields . The last model I built was the Jackal twin with a few modifications with plenty of power with 2 cells and wow with 3 its a fun model to fly. The next model will be its little sister at 2/3 size and a kfm2 wing section so far i have not built a model using this type of section balsa and cut foam has been the materials we have always used and Depron is a material I need to master although i have now built 3 models with this .
I still own models built in the 70s and one day will restore them.
And yes I do fly a Pink PRU Spitfire (GWS) everyone thinks its girly
and a pink thunder tiger Spit without undercarraige both 3s
the TT spit has a fantastic sound with its 3 blade prop.
Finally my depron and foam pattern ship fitted with a 3630 motor and 30A esc
at 1 kg with a 3s2p 4000 lipo it flies stable and well even in a wind

here are some of the photos