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Posted by Mud Duck Bill | Aug 18, 2011 @ 06:40 PM | 11,693 Views
Grumpy Bill here:
I am fortunate to be able to have in my possession a set of prints for 'The Panther" an autogyro designed built and flown by Rich Harris. I think a certain rabbit pulled them out of his hat He is in no hurry to return home Joe but he does have an appetite but he came through on this one for me so I'll keep him around a bit longer
Back to the build as you will see it is a very straight forward build with prints in hand cut out all the parts separate them in piles according to wood type and thickness then transfer them to wood and cut out. A basic box frame is used with reinforcing in all the cridical points,Nose, Landing gear, Mast location,ECT.
More to come