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Posted by 10inja | May 14, 2013 @ 11:57 PM | 6,820 Views
Someone asked me for this, I did a really quick video to illustrate the connections.

I did this real quick and forgot to show that I also connect another battery into the RVOSD

The outer most pin is ground, the next pin is voltage and the inner pin is signal on the RVOSD.

Let me know if you have any questions.

Fpv setup ezuhf rvosd5.1 law mate 1.2Ghz camera (6 min 48 sec)

The combined ppm signal is simple, it's throttle, aileron, ruder and elevator combined into one signal/wire. this way you can send one wire from EzUHF into the RVOSD versus having to send multiple servo wires from the EzUHF to the RVOSD.
The RSSI is the EzUHF signal strength, it's sent from the EZUHF rx to the RVOSD so that the RVOSD can display it on the screen. You can see how strong the signal and make judgment when flying. You can also see the signal quality.
You have to setup the EzUHF to use the combined ppm signal, and RSSI. Then you also have to setup the RVOSD to accept and setup the PPM signal in the menu functions.
Posted by 10inja | Oct 07, 2012 @ 07:38 PM | 3,349 Views
I have the Rangelink TX connected as follows (I can switch between my 2.4GHz spectrum DSM2 setup and Rangelink in just a few seconds):

* PPM signal from inside the X9503 (See Attached Picture). I just soldered a wire from here and brought it to the outside of the radio from the battery compartment. The wire is thin enough to exit out while still be able to close the battery case (almost and good enough). When I don't use the RangeLink, I just leave this wire inside the battery compartment. The connector I used is the Mini T connectors.

* Ground signal from the Trainer Port. I picked up a stereo 3.5mm Jack from Radio shack, and soldered a wire to the Ground which is the sleeve of the 1/8 jack.

* Voltage and Ground from a separate 3S Lipo Battery that's velcroed to my X9503 using a JST connector.

See the attached picture to see what the RangeLink Cable looks like.

For the RangeLink Rx to RVOSD:

* One Wire to connect PPM out from RangeLink RX to RVOSD PPM in.
* 5v Negative and Positive wire from RVOSD to Rangelink Rx.
* One Wire to Connect RSSI from RangeLink Rx to RVOSD. I installed a 10K Resistor on this wire in series. See attached picture.
Posted by 10inja | Sep 20, 2012 @ 11:10 AM | 2,600 Views
Someone asked me for this file, so here it is in windows zipped format.

It included firmware files to both Rx and Tx and it has a readme file.
I got this from Sid and just passing it along.
I hold no responsibility for the file or the update procedure and/or the outcome.

I have successfully updated both of my Rangelink Tx and Rx with this file using USB2TTL tool.

I followed the instructions and the only thing different or confusing was the way you plug the USB2TTL. I had to connect USB2TTL tx wire to tx wire and rx wire to rx wire on the rangelinke tx and rx.
Posted by 10inja | Aug 17, 2012 @ 12:03 AM | 2,800 Views
that was a good question when I started this hobby. and some how I ended up with all these remotes.
lesson learned; there's no such a thing as the "perfect" anything in this hobby. once you're hooked, they're all perfect