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Posted by tc3wins | Apr 21, 2010 @ 11:14 AM | 17,485 Views
I started building and racing cars when I was 8 Years old.Back when the Gold Pan RC-10 was the king. Now 27 Years Later I am building and flying RC EDF jets, and on occasion, still racing the cars. But I Still enjoy building the most, and for Flying My favorites are the pusher Jets. Here is a few pics of my planes and my race trucks.I have a few more builds in the works. Soon I will have Pics of my HL F-35 with TV. I will also try to get some video of my flights.

Some of my favorite vendors are: Hobby Lobby, Dynamic Foamy, Nico Hobbies, Heads Up RC, Low Price RC, BP Hobbies, and Value Hobbies.

Just a Note Why pay more for the high end electronics when the low price stuff works just as well if not better in some cases.

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