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Posted by biscuitmac | Jan 29, 2013 @ 10:03 AM | 2,570 Views
After ordering a Blaster 3 and Stobel V3 last year I have finally got around to setting up the Stobel.
I opted to set up rudderless with a Richard Swindels fin . Owing to the tight fit in the pod I , as a lot of others, decided to try the D 47 for the first time despite some reported draw backs.
The battery is a 360mAh Rhino 2 cell lipo with a Paul Daniels regulator / switch jack .
Spring /pull nightmare
I attempted to set up the elevator with stock spring pull system but was a little disappointed to find that the quality of the steel wire meant that it simply snapped on bending. Shortening the spring owing to the breaks meant a much stiffer spring and hence I ran into trouble with the spring causing delamination of the horizontal stab . A second attempt with the stock 0.3mm wire ( intended for the rudder ) showed that this was not stiff enough. I had to use a thicker wire that I had for use as a pull/ push rod and therefore made it longer to reduce the spring force . Making it longer meant placing it further away from the control horn which in turn caused warping of the elevator on one side .
So the moral of the story is get better quality spring wire ( 0.02" /0.5mm) before you start, follow the kit intructions as to where to place the wire in the stab and keep it to the specified length. I initially used the supplied Kevlar thread but soon replaced it for 30 lb spectra braided fishing line .

More elevator woes

I am still looking for the most effective...Continue Reading