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Posted by greedyg76 | Jul 22, 2014 @ 07:34 PM | 5,003 Views
RE: docket number FAA-2014-0396
First off, thank you for the opportunity to voice our opinions in this matter. I have been flying RC for close to 25 years, FPV for the last 5. During that time I have garnered experience (both military and civilian) in Air Traffic Control so I am well versed in the multitude of FAR's and have many times been the conduit for communications between pilots in the air and operations on the ground. The FAA’s interpretation suggests that hobbyists who fly their models by “first person view” are now suddenly in violation of the law. A very large group of otherwise law abiding citizens that are doing nothing different than before this interpretation was issued may now be criminalized for simply using video glasses or “goggles.” For the past decade, FPV has been inspiring students, engineers, robotics enthusiasts, and many others to take up the hobby or to expand their hobby activities. Product and Technology innovations directed to the FPV segment of model aviation have exploded within the past few years providing for the upstart and growth of small business, job creation and the catalyst which our struggling economy so desperately needs. FPV as a method of control adds no danger to the hobby, especially when a spotter is present to monitor the airspace. I would contend that FPV actually ADDS a safety factor to RC flight by saying the ability of an FPV pilot to "sense and avoid" full scale aircraft is better than that of a General...Continue Reading
Posted by greedyg76 | Oct 18, 2013 @ 08:17 PM | 5,472 Views
I have a bunch of left over Bixler parts and figured I'd try to make something of them. I like ibcrazy's specter FPV plane so here's my take on that with Bixler parts, aka the Spexler? I will document the experiment here.
Posted by greedyg76 | Aug 30, 2013 @ 11:23 AM | 6,585 Views
In the never ending quest to achieve jello free aerial video, here is my latest attempt. I have heard many great reviews and seen several video examples of the 8-Balls Gello Killer but I didn't want to pay $60. Out to the garage for some DIY... I picked up some rubber barrels from Hobby King and then went to cutting and drilling some lite ply. I may paint it later for looks, first test tomorrow morning, will report back-

Here's a quick edit of the first test video with GoPro 2
GoPro Mount Test (1 min 48 sec)

Sunrise 360 (0 min 44 sec)
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Posted by greedyg76 | Aug 08, 2012 @ 12:36 PM | 6,371 Views

I use this stuff on all my foam planes. It's really easy to work with, dries clear and stays a bit flexible, which I think tends to help reduce damages when your plane come in contact with a solid object, like the ground... I used to use epoxy but it eventually gets brittle and cracks. CA really hardens the foam and takes away its ability to flex under stress, which is why we love our foamies so much in the first place! Try this stuff out, you will like it..
Posted by greedyg76 | Jun 03, 2012 @ 12:37 PM | 7,134 Views
One of my favorites is the Multiplex Fun Cub. I have always been a fan of Alaskan bush type planes. A Turnigy 3536 1000kv motor with an APC 11.47 and HobbyKing Blue 30a ESC give enough power to hover if you want or in my case plenty of pop to get out of those short backcountry air strips... Flaps and aileron servos are HXT900 and I used a Turnigy servo speed and direction regulator is used to control the flaps. Rudder and elevator servos are Turnigy 9025MG. I've modified the main gear with an additional rear support and the tail wheel assembly from HobbyKing. The wing struts give it a bit more Alaskan bush style Turnigy 2200mAh 20c 3s battery provides about 12-15 mins of flying time. It really is FUN -

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