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Posted by cleansurf2 | Sep 16, 2011 @ 05:38 AM | 15,442 Views
HobbyKing 9X Tx'r, (love the 9X, great quality and features for the price)

I accidentally reversed the power trying out a LIPO battery in my 9X. Now this is not as difficult as it sounds, and given that I'm an electronics Tech, somewhat embarrassing.

The 9X battery plug is the same style as a LIPO 2S charging plug, but be warned the wiring configuration is different. I made an adapter for a 3S and ended up reversing the supply voltage to the Tx'r which smoked some components.

I ended up having to replace two 5V regulators and a capacitor (one regulator was in the Tx module, details available in the links).
During repairs I also incorporated the LIPO 2S battery mod (which uses an additional resistor to trick the Tx regarding the battery monitoring voltage). Note, if you measure out and check the schematic, component mounting can be simplified as I've done.

Another option for the battery Mod is to do a er9x firmware update so you can just dial in the voltage you want the Tx'r battery to alarm at (you won't need the resistor mod then, but you will need another hardware mod to do the firmware upgrade plus you get a whole lot more options available for programing).
Note: 2S LIPO is more efficient than 3S, as the Tx'r regulates down to only 5V anyway.

LIPOs: I used two 2400 LIPOs with auto charge/dis-charge cut off (don't know for sure if this will protect the battery if Tx'r is left on, it does restrict max charge voltage).The batteries I used, will not fit side by side...Continue Reading
Posted by cleansurf2 | Sep 01, 2011 @ 05:28 AM | 12,238 Views
My first true slope plank. Took a while to dial in the CG and it's touchy compared to my other wings. But it's compact to carry and can fly nice and tight for smaller slopes. Great fun to fly and fast for it's size and weight.

Specs: Hot wire cut styro foam, PW51 airfoil 7" root & 5.5" tip, laminate and tape covering, 800mm wingspan, 200 gram AUW. Yet to try with additional ballast.

The video starts off in 8 knots, then 15 knots on a different slope. At the current weight, 10-14 knots on a high lift slope is perfect.

Scratch built slope soarer Mini plank wing (1 min 51 sec)