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Posted by cleansurf2 | Jan 29, 2011 @ 05:48 PM | 14,752 Views
I bought this a couple of years ago pre-built. The build was OK but not to the standards I usually build to. This was my fastest sloper by a good margin, now matched by the Starfire (48" PW51 version). The Bat has good performance in 10-27 knots on a light build.
It is a 54" molded 2 piece EPP foam wing kit (at a bargain US$80 delivered) from Windrider. Suitable for experienced pilots only, it's fast and needs to be flown smooth, handling is more difficult than a swept combat wing, mine tip stalls easily. Modified builds can greatly improve handling and a Tx'r with exponential will greatly assist handling at speed.

First mods: I put a layer of laminate over the top, took out a little bit of the reflex in the airfoil and changed to a single fin.

Second Mods (Dec2011): The Bat is fast, but handling was not the best so I wasn't getting much use out of it, using the Starfire instead. So I did a more radical mod as the spars where weakening on the tips anyway, I clipped the wings, also replaced those horrid EPP elevons and re-balanced CG with more lead in the nose. Increasing wing loading pushing the new wind envelop to the right (14-30 knots) and roll rate is super fast and axial.
Note: This mod pushes the Bat into a more Advanced pilot range. Although handling is better (in stronger winds and DS), the role rate and wing loading is increased, so it can easily stall in lighter conditions and can struggle to pull up if the air speed drops. As well as loosing wing,...Continue Reading