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Posted by rockom | Jul 26, 2012 @ 09:55 AM | 4,502 Views

Back on 2003 I built the Doughouse by Dick Smith. He used to sell plans and kits at rcrunway dot com. You can find more photos of it in my blog.

Wing Span: 54.0 in.
Wing Area: 720 sq. in.
Length: 46.0 in.
Weight: 5.5 ~ 6lbs
Engine: .40 - .45 2 - cycle
Chord: 13.75"
Loading: 17.6 ~ 19.2 oz.

I flew this model until about 2009 on a GMS .46 glow engine. Then, I sold ALL my glow stuff in transition to electric only. But, I just could not let go of the Doughouse airframe. Today it made it's Electric Conversion Maiden!

Scorpion 4020-14
Castle HV85 ESC
Castle 5A BEC
6s 2800mAh
APC 14x8.5

It came in a 5lb 14oz and flew beautifully.
WOT: 45.5A -> 975W!!
That's about 165W/lb

I used (2) 3s 2800 packs. Moving forward I'd like to use a couple 3300mAh packs. I switched to a carbon fiber landing gear but I'm not to fond of it. I need something with a little more give.

It's great to have this model back in the air with more power and more authority than ever. Below are some before / after pics.