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Posted by rockom | May 10, 2008 @ 04:25 PM | 7,648 Views
Bad Day.

Before today I've been lucky. I crashed my trainer once several years ago but that's about it. Today was not so good. I snapped my Mini Doghouse in two....engine died, cartwheeled on "landing". Then I crashed my (Mini Ultra Stick) MUS on it's maiden. Got this used, everytihng looked good. I think low rates may have been too low and high rates were too high. Took off like a bat out of hell.....hit the dirt just as hard. I think I got lucky with the MUS. I'll have that in the air this time next week if I can figure out what to do about the motor. I snapped the shaft. If it's not bent, I think I can use what's left. I'll have to see. The Mini Doghouse is retired. It was a it heavy anyway. I intend on building another.