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Posted by Vamooska | Jun 22, 2007 @ 10:49 PM | 5,738 Views
Hi folks, I just received my new Dualsky voltage regs up to 8 amps. These are extremely well built pieces and are geared to very serious flying. The 8 amp reg is very well thought out. It is designed for giant scale airplanes and twin aux power setups. Aux (Auxillary) power systems (APS) is a phrase I came up with to describe the secondary power system for huge electric aircraft and other large RC vehicles. Giant scale electric and gas planes cost thousands of dollars and the entire platform relies on constant and reliable power to the receiver. Enter the backups. The larger electric airplanes and helis do not have battery eliminator circuits (BEC's) intergrated into the ESC's. For that reason an external power source is needed for the receiver/servo/gyro etc. power. You can accomplish this one of two ways. You can employ the 4 or 5 cell nimh pack which is heavy, or you can opt for the popular lipoly receiver/voltege reg as a lighter more lengthy service option. The new Dualsky reg is unique....very unique. It has two independent circuits aboard. It has twin battery input harnesses and twin receiver output leads! You can run two receivers batteries and two receivers for a zero fail system!! It is like having an insurance policy on your favorite big bird. If you ever have any questions about this system or how it works...give me a shout.
Posted by Vamooska | May 07, 2007 @ 03:15 PM | 5,687 Views
Well they are here..the all new Vampower digital servos! They were a hit at SEFF and we even have some cooler stuff on the way. Also released were the all new Vampower Platinum Series Lipos. These are 25C Continuous and up to 50C burst. They have proven well in the lab and make your sedate flyers berserk. I think you will like the cell densities and vacuuforming much better. I will get some pics up soon!
Posted by Vamooska | Apr 16, 2007 @ 04:02 PM | 6,214 Views
A short intro for those that dont know me.
Im Jeff Clack....owner of and Vampowerpro performance RC stuff. I started this only 3 years ago and it has grown wildly. I am told that a good deal of that success it attributable to my customer service.....I hope so. I have some new stuff coming out for the SEFF 07' I can't really let it out of the bag yet but it should help you electric guys a lot.
Last year Mark Jones and I introduced the Jones Witch Master Arming Switch for the larger electric aircraft. It has proven itself very well. The Landis' are flying them in some very high dollar airframes. There are a number of F3A guys using them without fail also.
We are constantly striving to bring you quality performance products at a realistic price. All products are pretested by hand selected Vampower customers that provide unbiased opinions. If it isn't worthy of a Vampowerpro doesnt get one. Simple as that.
Keep checking back and I will post pictures of the new stuff as soon as I can!
Thanks guys and gals
Vammy aka Jeff