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Posted by bobflynjunky | Jan 08, 2012 @ 11:36 AM | 2,415 Views
Latest hangar update: Got a new under coated yellow slow stick and set it up as light as possible. Put a Scorpion power plant on it and the YellowStick is now my fav flyer. Still have the Frankinstick, Multiplex Fox, a foamy yak and now 2 Syma X1s.
I have all the parts for about 2 more red SlowSticks. You can't have too many SlowSticks, RIGHT? A real X quad is in the making as we speak.
Crashed the Euro Fighter, Furious ultra, and the homemade DTV disk and Batman disk. All electronics are now being used for back-up, or on other models.
I love this hobby.
My new slogan now is " Save a finger, Flip a Quad "
Posted by bobflynjunky | Apr 10, 2009 @ 12:44 AM | 3,150 Views
So far I have had 3 air hogs, a Skyfly, 2 Slow Sticks and now an E-Starter. Still have shaky thumbs for the ES, but will practice on the simulator and the SS with ailerons till I feel more confident.

Got a an Ultrafly Furious 3D from Santa and am in the process of doing a non-glue mauk up to make sure everything is going to fit properly. I'm not a 3D flyer by any means so will do only basic flying with this bird. Will post pics when the build is done.

Update 2015. Yellow Slow Stick FPV, 450 Quad FPV both using BosCam systems, StingRay wing FPV, WalMart Titan modded glider with pilon pusher FPV both using FatShark systems. Also have a Red SlowStick, a red micro SlowStick and many other projects in various states of build, and or repair.
I use HK Quanums V1 for my primary FPV goggles. Used others but love the Q's.

I now have a Bixler 1.1 which I put an FPV setup on to it. Very nice flyer and is now my go to fpv craft.

OH, and forgot my B-1-R-D, no TX needed. Stevie is his name....Continue Reading