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Posted by helivsFMX | Sep 06, 2010 @ 10:19 AM | 2,424 Views
Here are picts of all the bikes I have owned in sequence. Started off with an 83 Honda ATC250r which was a blast ride! It was pretty apparent how dangerous they are after riding one though. Every bump feels like it could flip it. That thing was completely rebuilt to get it running right, but now it runs awesome. Only problem now is Arizone wants OHV tags to ride them offroad, and without a title you cant get the tag. so now it sits in the back yard.

Next up was the 2000 yamaha banshee. I traded a jetski for that. All the usual issues. People think "jetting" is a mod. Put a bigger main jet in for more power! What people dont realize is if you dont have more air to go along with the more gas, you dont get more power. It just runs muddy. So got the carb tuned up and running well. Then put a Toomey T6 pipe on it, which made a world of difference in power! It felt twice as fast! When the gas crisis hit us all, I took the quad to Kawasaki thinking of trading it in for an 08 Ninja 250R as a commuter. They checked the compression and it was down to about 125psi (typcial is ~190). So it was on the rebuild edge. I ended up rebuilding the top end of the engine (which is new pistons and a bore for a 2 stroke). Got the thing runnig like brand new. It was street legal too, so I rode it around streets quite a bit. The pictures of it show it with its street tires/rims. That was the last I ever saw of it. I went to Texas for work on a sunday night, and...Continue Reading