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Posted by archer789 | Feb 05, 2010 @ 12:44 PM | 3,688 Views
Here is the video of the first flights on the 30" extra, without the air brakes.

Why is it that when the record button is pressed, flying gets sloppy?

The second video is the laser cutter making templates for a 34" extra. I love technology!

extra milled 30.MOV (1 min 22 sec)
Posted by archer789 | Feb 03, 2010 @ 02:41 PM | 3,909 Views
I Just finished my first aircraft using milled depron. I used an autocad design that I have been tweaking with, and scaling to different sizes for about a year now. A good friend has a laser cutter at his place of work, and he is kind enough to help me with turning my cad projects into laser cut templates. Thanks Mike! Poster board worked great as template material to guide the router, and also as a template to cut the parts out with a hobby knife. From start to finish this one took about 6 hrs. Flight video soon to come!