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Posted by VROOMSTER | May 27, 2010 @ 08:08 PM | 4,077 Views
Decided to rebuild my MSC the other day. Damage to the tail over the last 16 months has added up to a few extra grams in tail weight requiring more and more nose weight to compensate for.

So spent the money and got new fuse, tail, wing and rubber bands for the wing. I will be getting a new cowl and LG too soon for the rebuild. I will be putting my brushless Blue Wonder 1700kv motor, Power Up 10A ESC, TP SG-50 mini servos. Not sure on a radio system yet as I would like to run it separate from my DX6i so I can let my bro fly it, my dad on the LP and me with my radio on whatever plane I want.

I will be making my old plane into a bi-wing MSC and leaving this one 3ch for my family/friends to learn on.