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Posted by nwcudaman | Feb 29, 2012 @ 08:15 PM | 2,171 Views
Well, when a Man needs more Thrust,,ya go bigger.
I've been given the chance to be on the front lines of building and testing this monster. This build log will cover the build and any information needed.
As many know the NL 500 and 650 have already proven well in testing and the Hex setups are doing well. In a nut shell the 800 is just a larger version,,,,much larger...MUAHAHAHA...ahhh hemm. Sorry..

The basics of this kit thus far are the following up to this point.

Motors. 4 Ea. Cobra 3525/14 560KV
ESC 4 Ea. Cobra DL60A 60 Amp ESC's supporting 2 to 6S ( I'll be using 6S)
Props. 4 Ea. APC 15X4 Or 13X4 both will work fine larger more lift.
Flight board. I'll be starting out with the DJI Naza but may try out the APM2 if I can source one.

Currently I have the arms which I sent out to have Powder coating put on them for some bling, and several other nice things to bling it some for fun. Hey, if your going big,,why not right? After all, this is a hobby and fun!

Here is a link to pictures of the freshly done arms.


I Also have lots of LED lights as well as a DeLight control to run the lights in any way I choose and can mix to my throttle for the landing lights as well.

I'll be using a GoPro2 camera with 2 options. I'll be able to FPV through the Gopro, but I also have a very nice FPV camera and a 800 Mw TX all set up on 900 Mhz tied into a circular polarized antenna with a clover...Continue Reading