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Posted by Crushalot | Oct 05, 2011 @ 10:11 AM | 3,921 Views
So I got another website up and running. It has tons of info about technology stuff like iPad's, iPhones and RC Heli's!

Here is the main site:

Here is the section on RC heli's:

I plan to expand the RC heli section, as I have tons of great info to add, but good intro and beginner section.



PS. It's been a while and it is long since gone, but I loved the look of my custom Blue themed Walkera 4G3.
Posted by Crushalot | Sep 28, 2011 @ 11:03 AM | 6,488 Views
Working on getting a new website up. It is called
It will allow you to look up what all those stickers you see on the back of cars actually mean! You will be able to upload new pictures and post comments and rank favorites and of course buy some stickers if you want.
Hope to have the full site up soon.
Feel free to post any comments with suggestions for the site or anything else you would like to see. And yes will will have some RC related stickers!


Posted by Crushalot | Aug 29, 2011 @ 09:15 AM | 3,885 Views
Been away from the hobby a little bit because I have been busy with my new daughter, but I did go on a discovery flight and got to pilot a real Robinson R-22 and I am suddenly dying for RC heli action!

With all the flybarless micro's on the scene now, I just wanted to show some of my older Vid's of my CB180Q. While flight performance is no where near as good as a current models, these were cheap and fun. And with a little mods, outside fun could be had.

PS- It would help a brother out if you could click on an ad when you watch.

Walkera CB180Q RC Helicopter Indoor Flight (2 min 53 sec)

Walkera CB180Q RC Heli Indoor Flight after modifications (3 min 7 sec)
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Posted by Crushalot | Jun 04, 2010 @ 04:48 PM | 7,481 Views
I totally love my new Trex 250 SE, so I thought I would share my setup and some pics.
Purchased the heli from another forum member (Thanks rotorcrash) and have loved it from the start. I broke down the heli and rebuilt everything and threw in some upgrades along the way. Iím still waiting on a CNC bottom plate and a metal tail gear drive assembly.
I tried to make it the cleanest possible install regarding wiring and electronic placement. I would like it if the braided wire covering was a smaller diameter, but thatís what he had on it when I bought it.

Here is the setup:
Scorpion 2206-3900 motor with 15T pinion
Castle Creations 25A ESC with Ultra Deans and HDI connector housing
DS410 on cyclic
JR DS290G Tail Servo
Align GP750 Gyro
Walkera 2801 RX (removed from hard casing and protected with heat shrink)

Stealth CF 205mm main blades and Align CF tail blades
Align SE paddles are pictured, but I have since installed and flown the 3.2G FS 3D paddles and I like the fast response from those.
Carbon rudder pushrod
EXI CF battery tray and CF anti rotation guide
Kevlar super belt
New style Fusuno Canopy
Outrage NRG 35C 860mAH batteries + a few Flightmax 800mAHís
Flying Sport one piece Landing Gear
Fusuno Red Tail Fin (when I am using black tail blades, I like some color on the fin for visibility when flying)

The Scorpion motor has crazy power seems to be perfect paired with the CC 25A ESC. I love being able to just pop the throttle wire off the RX...Continue Reading
Posted by Crushalot | Aug 23, 2009 @ 06:56 PM | 6,805 Views
Been a busy few days. Put together a lengthy review for the new Walkera CB180Q:

Also got some new CF fins from JasonJetski and I am in the process of evaluating them.

Installed the blue CNC parts for the new 4B120 on my 4G3. They look really cool.

Posted by Crushalot | Aug 15, 2009 @ 04:38 AM | 7,023 Views
I have sold a few of my heli's recently, but here is a current run down of my hanger:
4G3 - HP08S, XP-7A, HP03T, Walkera Tail ESC, WOW CF fin with metal clamp, MIA Skids and CF canopy. I am loving this heli right now and spending a lot of time flying it. Jason is going to be sending me some new tailcase and fin designs to test out, so I thought I would show a few pics of the current setup.
4#3B - Fitted in a Darthdrk scale Hughes 500D fuselage. Bell Hiller upgrade on head, RX2605A, HP06S, XP-7A, HP03T, Walkera Tail ESC, JJ tailcase and fin, Q blades to match the color scheme that I had darth paint the body. Came out great.(Video on lower blog post)
BL 5G6-1 - Custom built brushless 5G6-1 using HP03S for motors and HP05EA 'flea clone' ESC's/BL converter. MIA Skids using a custom mount and MIA CF canopy.
5G6-1 - Fitted into a MIA MD500E Fuselage. Waiting for my replacement motors from AEO to convert this to a BL setup.
5G6-1 - MIA Phantom setup on stock heli. Going to have 2 BL kits so I will be testing 1 on this heli also.
UFO #8 - Pretty cool little thing, fun to fly.

Larger Co-ax's:
CX3 - Have this little gem setup with a AEO BL kit with Don's motor work from StrongRCmotors, Walkera 2801RX, EXxTREME extended inner and outer shafts with upgrade gears from, Xtreme Extended upper rotor head for a little bit more spacing, adjustable flybar weights. Great outdoor and indoor co-ax. Even better now that it's brushless. (Video on lower...Continue Reading
Posted by Crushalot | Aug 15, 2009 @ 04:22 AM | 7,319 Views
Sweet scale body from Ed at He did a great job on it and I love the custom paint job.
Flight weight is a bit heavy(I was heavy before the new fuse) at 66 grams, but it has the power and maneuverability to handle it. Setup is a HP06S Main motor with XP-7A, HP03T 2.9g with Walkera Tail ESC and JJ case/fin. Red Q blades to match the color scheme. It also has the Xtreme Bell Hiller upgrade on the head. COG still needs tweaking a little.

4#3B with Hughes 500D Fuse (1 min 30 sec)

Sorry for the poor qaulity of the pics and video. I need to get a better camera.

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Posted by Crushalot | Aug 15, 2009 @ 03:53 AM | 7,054 Views
So I was able to get my CX3 flying well after installing the AEO drop in kit. 2 x C10 Motors(motorwork by Don at strongrcmotors is sweet) 2x 5A ESC/BL Converters, Walkera 2801RX, EXxTREME extended inner and outer shafts with upgrade gears from, Xtreme Extended upper rotor head for a little bit more spacing, adjustable flybar weights. Great outdoor and indoor co-ax. Even better now that it's brushless.
You can notice when I pump the throttle to pogo a little at about 1:10 of the video you can see the issue where my tail will kick out. The gyro does bring it back and I have learned to pretty much just avoid hard throttle pumps because it has great climbing power without mashing the throttle.
I will try and get some outdoor video of this heli as well.
See the original build log for this heli lower on my blog if curious:

Brushless CX3 Flight test (2 min 13 sec)

Posted by Crushalot | Jul 26, 2009 @ 03:24 PM | 7,175 Views
Here is a flight video of my 4#3B which I supercharged a bit. It is slightly heavy to begin with and I am getting ready to fit it into a Darth made Hughes 500D fuselage so I wanted some added muscle.

Heli is fit with a HP06S motor and XP-7A ESC for main and Walkera 2g BL tail motor(Only until my HP02T arrives) and Walkera tail ESC.
Running on a 4G3 RX2605A as it provides a lot better control plus many other benefits. I hate the Walkera fin and can't wait to fit a HP02T into a JJ tailcase and CF fin.
This setup flies solid for over 7 minutes. I also plan on adding a Xtreme BH mixing head to this heli, but still waiting on that part.

Sorry for the crappy video quality and lame flying, but it does show some durability as I crashed it twice in this video.
4#3B Flight (5 min 34 sec)


PS - One of the pics shows when I was trying out the red can Turbo Ace from a 4G3 in the B, but it is nowhere near the performance of the HP06S.
Also here are few pics of my 4G3 with new CF phantom canopy from Micro Flight.
Posted by Crushalot | Jul 26, 2009 @ 03:58 AM | 7,855 Views
Here are some pics of the build process on my BL 5G6-1
It is using HP03S motors with the HP05EA 'flea clone' ESC's. The motors are fitted with 14T brass pinions.
MIA Tuff skids - Modified slighly. I found making 2 back plates to hold a srut and screwing into frame for front strut makes a lighter, stronger LG becasue of the change in width of the 5G6-1 frame. I did this on another one of my 5G6's and it still rock solid after many crashes where as the MIA G10 frames to hold the struts did break the CA bond a few times, but none since Mario has posted a few tips. Also he has a new version for the 5G6-1 that should be even stronger but was not available when I was building this.
MIA CF stlye canopy cut slightly to streamline plus some CF covering on servos. Xtreme Tail kit - I only used the fin from this kit setup on the stock boom. This makes it just slightly longer for a nice look.

I like the way this flies, but perhaps if I get bored I may try 16T. I could also lighten the heli just a tad by getting rid of some of the unneeded connectors and wires. Right now this guy flies real consistent for a solid 7:30. I like the fact that there is no power drop even at the very end of the battery. AUW is 60.0 grams.

Custom Walkera 5G6-1 Brushless conversion (4 min 11 sec)

Post with even more pics here:

Posted by Crushalot | Jul 18, 2009 @ 06:40 PM | 7,292 Views
Some video of a 5G6-1 fitted into a MIA made MD500E scale body made for a Lama:

Walkera 5G6-1 in MD500E Fuselage Indoor RC helicopter flight (2 min 55 sec)

Gonna drop a BL setup into this soon as it provides really nice scale flying on a micro indoor heli.


A few more pics were in this post:
Posted by Crushalot | Jul 13, 2009 @ 01:52 AM | 7,851 Views
Been getting a lot of questions about my Walkera 5#10 2S BL conversion.
Here are some pics and a video where I go over some of the details on the 2S BL conversion for the 5#10.
Here are the specs:
AEO drop in kit for 7.4V systems running 180 sized brushed motors
2 - C10 outrunners - 2900KV
2 - AEO 5A ESC's
2 - AEO BL convertors
1 - Walkera RX2403 4in1 unit
1 - Esky Lama battery cage with unbreakable skids
1 - Xtreme Lama style custom painted canopy

With a 900Mah battery the ready to fly weight is 219 grams. Flight times are 12 to 15 minutes.

Walkera 5#10 BL Conversion Review and Flight (9 min 45 sec)

Here is a link to the post where I go over the specs and post some additional pics:



EDIT: WOW hobbies has released a very cool BL upgrade kit for the 5#10 that is 2S with a voltage step down so you can use it with the stock RX and has spacers to allow for the larger 2S battery. Too bad this wasn't released like 6 months sooner as it could have saved me a bit of time with modding mine:
Posted by Crushalot | Jun 07, 2009 @ 05:37 PM | 7,906 Views
So I added yet another Heli to the hanger. The used CX which I turned into Bluebird came with the heading lock gyro from the CX3. So since I wasn't using it in that heli and heard about all the issues with the HH gyro, I decided to try it out becasue I love a challenge. Glad am I did! I love this thing. I will be turning this BL very soon with the updated drop in kit with C10 motors. For now here is what I used to build this bird from scratch:
CX3 Body Set
Stock plastic CX2 frame
Stock plastic swash
Plastic 5#4Q3 blade holders for the lower rotor and Lama for uppers
Extreme core assembly from flyrcrivesud with longer outer shaft & delrin gears
Xtreme extended upper rotor (color matched top) and flyrcrivesud flybar
I had to modify the landing gear to work with a Lama battery holder because all my 7.4V's are of this size
Eflight LED light's (Running on Gear channel)
AFC Systems 180 Motors with heat sinks
Walkera RX-2801E
Eflight CX3 3n1 with HH gyro

I got the HH gyro working great by turning it down 0 on unit and using the remote feature into Aux2/Gryo. Using my Walkera 2801 TX, I find that 43% is the perfect amount of gain.

CX3 Flight (1 min 49 sec)

Posted by Crushalot | Jun 03, 2009 @ 11:08 AM | 7,451 Views
A little while back I bought a used but upgraded CX from another user. (
I have finished with my mods and am really happy with the look and flight. I will post some pics soon. I now call this my blue bird and it is configured like this:

Blue MicroHeli CNC frame, swash, fly bar weights and top rotor head
Xtreme SE 180 motors (blue labels facing out)
Blue Tower Pro servos (for looks)
mettalic blue painted Xtreme CX canopy

Running on a Walkera RX-2403 4n1

I love it. Pics to come
Posted by Crushalot | May 22, 2009 @ 01:27 PM | 7,903 Views
I have tons of 2S 7.4V batteries. Well about 20 or so. For the most part I liked all the upgraded ones of 15C or better at either 850 or 900Mah. Personally I liked the Exceed 15C 900mah ones because they had a nice blue wrapping with nice cabling but I got some new ones that blew all my old ones away, even my previous best, a Raiden Power 20C 900Mah.

Outrage 20C continuous 40C burst 850 Mah. These things are crazy. Awesome power and longer flight times in the BL birds. Expensive but they seem to be worth it.
Posted by Crushalot | May 15, 2009 @ 11:04 AM | 8,014 Views
Here is a run down of my current hanger:

I run everything off my Walkera WK-2801 TX

UFO #8 - Heat shrink around motors for a great landing gear setup.
4G3 BL - With MIA Tuff Skids and Carbon Canopy.
4#3B BL - AEO 5A ESC with HP05S 16T pinion. MIA Tuff Skids and Carbon Canopy. Hoping to do a BL tail on this soon
2 5G6-1 - With MIA Tuff Skids
1 additional 5G6-1 BL build in progress

1 5#4Q3 - with Xtreme 180 motors and Xtreme blades and a Microheli metal head with dual flybar links. This thing has awesome power. The climb out is crazy, even at a fat 255 grams. I get about 9-10 minutes flight times.

1 5#4Q3 BL - Built from spare parts, running Hobby City drop-in kit for Lama. The C10 motors were slightly larger diameter then stock, so I had to replace the servos with smaller ones to accommodate. The ones for the 5#10 work great. Xtreme LED lighting installed nicely into the Airwolf fuselage. Runs awesome but needs 15C or better battery for all the electronics. AUW is kind of heavy at 233g but that is still lighter than stock, but heavier than most Lama's. 5 -6 minute flight times with lights running and little more if not used.

1 5#10 - I converted this to a 2cell BL setup. I used the 7.4 RX (RX-2403) and the BL drop in kit from HobbyCity made for the Lama. I replaced the stock landing gear with a battery tray and skids from a Lama and had to use a Xtreme canopy for the Lama to fit all the electronics. Smooth as silk like a stock 5#10...Continue Reading