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Posted by SBOTI74 | Oct 03, 2011 @ 09:48 PM | 3,068 Views
So, I'm sitting here with a little down time so I thought I would start my Blog and see what happens. Hope to keep it updated as much as possible. Today, 3 Oct 2011 is my Younger Brother's Birthday. Great day to start something new!

Been flying on and off for 20+ years now and it really depended on where I was stationed at as well as what most of the R/C guys were into at my locations. Last couple assignments were either heli's or HPI Baja so the planes kinda went to the waist side till I got here at Edwards AFB.

Was able to take a few minutes this morning and head to my local flying club in California City. Took my UMX Beast and 5S Habu just to run through some batteries.

Beast - Flew 4 battery packs. 1 E-flite pack is already dead on me and only after about 10-15 charges. That's okay though, I had 2 other 180mah E-flite packs and 2 RCBabbel 240mah packs along for the ride. Plane flew great and there was very little wind if at all. Really got to dust off my knife edge skills and practice a few other tricks. All went well!

Habu - This was only the second time I have taken it out since I converted it to a 5S set-up. I love this plane on 5S packs! I wasn't looking to do anything fantastic today, just run through the 2 5S packs I have for it. Everything went great and I'm really dialing in the landings. They're still long but from what I read, that's not uncommon for the Habu.

So, that's it for now. Later I'll update with info on my "in-progress" 80" Katana and what I have planned for my new 60" Extreme Flight 60" Edge.