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Posted by tsudduth | Mar 18, 2013 @ 10:17 PM | 9,068 Views
I have had several RCGroup members ask me about my FC landing gear modifications. Anybody who has a Fun Cub knows that the stock landing gear needs a bit of stiffening to help prevent prop strikes and excessive bouncing during a hard landing. This mod also helps smooth out taxiing on rough terrain. I have attached some close up pictures with some explanations that may help those of you who wish to re-create the mod for yourselves.

The pictures show quite a bit of detail and most of it is pretty self explanatory, but I will add a few points not included in the captions. First, the shape of the Spring attachment points at the top of the LG is more or less modeled after the suspension of the 1-1 scale J-3 Cub. Second, you will notice copper wire wrapped around the center of the spring attachment points where it forms an X. This was done to ensure the shape would not deform due to the stresses exerted by the springs. Third, the springs are attached to connecting rods with hooks at each end that attach the springs to the bottom of each leg of the LG. I found suitable springs at my local hardware store. The beauty of the suspension system is that the tension can be adjusted by using stronger springs or by using shorter connecting rods.

I have also heard people talk about having difficulty getting their solder to stick to the LG wire. Before attaching anything to the LG, I cleaned and etched the areas to be soldered with fine grit sand paper. When wrapping the spring attachment points to the LG, I wrapped the wire (single strand copper wire) very tight and very close. I applied liberal amounts of tinning compound to help the solder flow into all the voids in the joints. This landing gear mod is almost 2 yrs old and has seen a few hard landings. All the solder connections are holding strong.

I hope the pics and captions help whoever decides to use this mod. I have been very pleased with it.