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Posted by Beachcomber | May 02, 2010 @ 06:27 PM | 3,069 Views
Hi Folks, Beachcomber here.
Some basic info about me:
- Age in mid-50s (yes old farts learn slower)
- Flew small nitro planes aprox 25 years ago. Gave it up for other interests, boating, raising kids, work, etc.
- Got into electric helis late 2008 mainly because they didn't require a runway which involves a drive way across town.
- Finally learned to hover 6 months later, and now just getting the hang of slow figure 8s and very slow banked circles.
- Tried two different planes in last couple of months; fatally crashed them both in first flight session. Think I'll stick to helis for awhile.
- Went thru Co-Ax helis, then Single Rotor Fixed Pitch 300 size. Presently flying an electric 450 Clone and loving it.

Update 2/2011
Still enjoying my clone 450 heli, but also getting into 3D flat/profile foamy planes. I like the fact they can fly like normal planes or float and hover almost like a heli ... sorta. Require very short landing strip.