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Posted by Vanning | Oct 06, 2006 @ 07:03 PM | 7,381 Views
Electric planes are all the rage right now - and dont get me wrong, i love em. (as evident from my last Mastercard statement )
But ya know what? theres a LOT of guys out there having a lot of fun with glow planes. Myself included. You'll hear the electric only guys wailing about how fiddley they are and how you have to clean the slime off everything....its nonsense. The only reality is the noise, and even thats no louder than a lawnmower. The hausfrau at the far end of the block WILL use that when she calls the police on you for flying a 16oz plane with a muffled Norvel. If you have an electric plane, she will still call the cops, but she'll have to get creative when pressed for a reason to throw you out.
Anywho - glow planes are a hoot.
This is a Tower Uproar .40 with an ancient OS .35 motor. Not a 3d monster of a motor, but still fun to fly. The plane was a pretty easy build too, and fairly cheap.
Posted by Vanning | Oct 06, 2006 @ 06:46 PM | 7,613 Views
Just posting some pics of my pride & joy. Heres the thread
its now cut by Zeke at
Just an all around excellent kit. With the stock wing it handles like a trainer (ok, almost) and with Staggerwings symmetrical wing kit it really bounces off the clouds nicely. I modified mine slightly (square wingtips, reshaped tailfeathers) to look like Sean Tuckers Challenger. If you have a broadband connection you really ought to check out
Seans da man.

Right now she's powered by a CustomCDR coolwind single and a 900 and 1320 mah thunderpower 3cells.
Posted by Vanning | Oct 05, 2006 @ 10:09 PM | 7,860 Views
yeah right...

to each his own. what all beginners need to know is that each 'perfect' beginner planes are only 'perfect' for a select few. If your trying to learn in your 50'X100' back yard, then you need a different plane than the guy with the 300X300' back yard.
I wrote up the Beginners Guide to the SlowStick after my newbie stretch mainly in thanks to the help i'd recieved getting there. Its a little out-dated, but mostly relevant.
Posted by Vanning | Oct 05, 2006 @ 09:53 PM | 7,245 Views
I see this all the time. MANY new guys hear about clubs & AMA & whether or not they should join and do the 'mainstream' thing.
I know the Local Hobby shop owner well, and when i started in airplanes he gave me the email addy of a local club trustee. Well, this guy - Alex - was (and still is) a really nice guy. Now a couple years later i still see him on the field a couple times a week with the clubs trainer plane ( a .40 glow Eagle thats been rebuilt a few times ) with 2 or 3 new guys practicing to get their 'wings'.
Not everybody has the same experience. Trust your gut. If you have a similar feeling as i did, SIGN UP. I hear horror stories everyday about old-phart club members being this or that....scorning electrics, younger members, etc.
I dont know of one member of my club (Tri-county RC) who doesnt own an electric, and isnt cordial to the new guy. Your mileage may vary. See the AMA's club locator for your local chapter.
they may or may not be knuckleheads - its your call. Dont write off club membereship because of a random few! I enjoy my club very much and encourage others to look into it.
Posted by Vanning | Oct 05, 2006 @ 09:09 PM | 6,980 Views
Lemme introduce myself!
Im a 34 year old (2006) structural steel draftsman, husband and father of twin boys. hmmm...doesnt say much about me other than 'broke'.
Anywho, ive been flying since about November 2003. I taught myself - with massive online assistance from this group. Im a longtime rc car guy, and there are only so many times you can open up a Tower Talk flyer and ignore the cool planes. I eventually broke down. In an extremely RARE stroke of brilliance, i decided to use the internet to help me with plane selection. I'd helped so many beginner guys in the RCcar newsgroups that finding RCG only took a few clicks.