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Posted by hlbly | Jul 05, 2009 @ 02:55 AM | 2,148 Views
This is going to be a post in the beginners section but I want to take my time and write it well . As the subject is well worth it , and I want to pay tribute to one helluva a guy . I got my first RC toy right after christmas . Radio shack had megatech interceptors for $ 20.00 down from 40 or 50 . I bought 2 of them one for me and one for my 7 year old son . Needless to say , I was infected . The interceptor was less then ideal with its 5 minute flights and 30 minute recharge . So I got a Buzz P-38 ...way cool , my first flight late at night was down by the high school football field . I hit the bleachers so hard with my new toy it sounded like a cartoon sound effect . Filled with a worry similar to a parent that watches their kid wreck his bike badly , i rush over to check damage . Wow I don't see a thing . Way to cool ! Up she goes again , way nice . There uis a problem though . The battery is dead ! Only 7 minutes flying time !!!! I decide I will go look on the net to find a suggestion hopefully . I wind up here at rcgroups !! I find a thread by galaxiex , with exactly the data I nned . I pm him he tells me exactly what to do , and sends a link to a picture of it !! Great place . I wind up buying 4 of the buzz 38 toys but the infection has spread !!! I want a real one , hobby grade !! Well I start reading the rcgroups all the time . Looking in the classified section for possible planes to get , and reading how tough it is to teach yourself . Well I think I want...Continue Reading