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Posted by sonny1 | Mar 17, 2010 @ 02:26 AM | 6,481 Views
Well, time to put the proud dad jacket on here. What this means to RC aircraft is only that I won't be flying till I'm done with this. Here are some pics of my daughter Jessica's high school spring musical "Suessical the Musical", which I am the sound engineer for. In addition to having my daughter as one of the leads in the play, I took on the task of teaching a student named Sarah, who is blind to run the front-of-house sound board; she is doing an incredible job by the way! We are just now holding our final rehearsals, and opening night is this Friday, (first of six performances over 2 weeks); I've included some pics below of the set and cast, (including my daughter and Sarah too). As usual it has turned into a tremendous amount of work, (I've begged, borrowed and stole every piece of sound equipment I could find to run this show; 3 mixers, over 25 microphones, 12 of them wireless....all at once....whew!!), but Sarah is learning by doing, and I'm doing the duct tape and bailing wire routine on cranky equipment. A great friend, Steve is really making it happen by helping me get this huge job done; it wouldn't be working if he wasn't helping, (you learn who your real friends are at times like this!). Despite all the hard hours, it looks like the kids are going to pull off a hit! Enjoy,


PS: I'll include more and better pics after opening night; break a leg!!

UPDATE: 3 Pics added from opening night below. Standing ovation at the end! Great show!!