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Posted by YamaDan | Feb 15, 2012 @ 08:48 PM | 2,426 Views
“You’re gonna do what!?!?!” I need to fly, I have the first EMAC coming up Saturday, and I haven’t been able to practice.

I last left you all at the end of the IMAC season. The Little Plane that could.. My little 65” 3DHS Vyper that took a 3rd and 9th in two IMAC event’s had a bad day. I pulled when I should have pushed.. RIP little plane that could.. So this was Thursday, the next EMAC was Saturday.. I needed a plane. Lucky for me, I have a very good friend that also has a Vyper, so I called Kevin, IPSmotors, and asked the dreaded question, “I just plowed my plane into the ground, can I borrow yours…paaallleeese!!!” Kevin was kind enough to say yes. I run out, pick it up, and swap out receivers. Now, they are the same planes, but, different power systems, slightly different set up, and I’m nervous as heck flying it. I do two trimming runs, do one series of the routine before the wind picks up. Crap, ok, gonna have to be enough. Load it in the car, with the rest of my gear, and try not to think about it. So, do I get another Vyper?, I really love this plane. It’s perfect for me for the EMAC… IMAC I’ll need something else. Something, bigger.. But for EMAC, it’s just right. I guess we’ll have to see.

I took a 2nd, and two 1st places so far at the EMAC..best 4 out of 6.. If I can place well, I can win the overall tomorrow..on a borrowed plane.. sweet. Just don’t do anything stoopid!

It’s overcast and windy when we arrive.. why should it be a...Continue Reading