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Posted by YamaDan | May 08, 2011 @ 03:40 AM | 3,394 Views
To be precise.. It should be easy…they make it look so easy …these planes, these patterns..

It’s 11:00pm.. I’m still downloading from the day’s events..it was cool..

Let me start back a little way.. I decided I wanted to improve my flying.. So, I decided to learn the IMAC basic routine and compete.. Best way to get better is to compete..right??

So, I put my plan into action.. With the help of a 65” Vyper from 3DHS, I started working on the routine.. At least I started working on it as I thought it should be..

There’s a saying..the older you get..the more you realize that you don’t know much..add kids to the mix and they remind you everyday what you don’t know.. Well, going down to the field and trying to figure out a routine, that you’ve never really seen.. well, on You tube I guess.. You start out thinking it will be easy..or at least easier.. I tell you what.. go to your local field, get everybody there to watch and be ready to judge, take your plane up.. call out “in the Box” and do a slow roll.. The roll is your first maneuver. Everyone can do them.. but to really demonstrate control, you must have a steady speed, add aileron as the plane goes on its side add rudder, as it continues over back off rudder and start to add down elevator, now as it comes up on its other side back out the elevator and add opposite rudder, as it comes around add up elevator to keep the plane straight and level.. That was 1 of 10, 9 to go, and here they come.....Continue Reading