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Posted by ewoodcox | Nov 18, 2010 @ 04:44 PM | 4,632 Views
Anyway, I picked up a EXI500 plastic from xheli, this has more metal than my TREX500. The tail case is plastic and is a identical match for the TREX500 tail case....I mean, I can't tell ANY difference. The frame is aluminum and I bought CF fin set for ~$6 from xheli, otherwise it looks VERY nice with a full metal head. Using the RCHELI discount code (5% off) and free shipping the heli was $66.50 What a great value, this kit is top quality

Here are my componets

Cyclic Servos
(out of stock at the moment)

Tail Servo
Hyperion DS-20 using TREX600 CF tail mount (got both from amainhobbies.com)

Align GP750 ($60 used from one of the RC boards)



(all I could find in stock and I always use a uBEC so I went opto)

Blades (not included with the base kit so buy 2 )

AR6200 check bigskyhobby.com for the good RX prices, or targethobby.com but they are slooooooooow on their shipping
Posted by ewoodcox | Nov 14, 2010 @ 08:39 AM | 4,368 Views
Well, it's been sometime since I posted in my blog, have not flown my Axe's for a year now. My fleet is now:

HK450 with EXI V2 metal head/tail
3 EXI450 SEV2
TREX250 ready for test flight
currently building a EXI500 plastic and next in the que is the EXI450Pro.
of course I still have the Axes and 2 HB King IIs

I have had some pretty good luck with my fleet and I will post most of my componets for reference.

Here are the electronics I am using in my EXI450Pro
Futaba GY520 gyro (with the above servo)
tail servo
(you have to order these the second they are in stock, same comment if you want to go with exceed 40a from hobbypartz.com)
cyclic servos

finless bob's TREX450Pro build vids from helifreak

Align TREX 450 Pro manual here
Posted by ewoodcox | Sep 22, 2009 @ 08:13 PM | 7,354 Views
I have swapped the stock RX out of my wifes and my Axe CPV3 and wanted to post the transmitter settings I use on our CPV3s. Actually, we have replaced the stock HeliMax 3in1s as well on most of our helis and my favorite configuration is:
Eflite EFLH1032 2in1 ESC/Mixer
Eflight G110 HH Gyro (really a rebranded Telebee but I like using the Eflite just because )
AR6100 RX, these are going away and I really like the AR6110, if you mount it in the front of the heli I think the standard is better, using the AR6100E I mount it in the rear of the heli.

The only difference between using the stock 3in1 and the seperate 2in1 and gyro is in the gyro menu, otherwise, all other menu entires are the same. Be careful, you may need to change signs on the swash mix and check your servos for proper operation. The good news is, if the servos are reversed, you don't have to go into the servo and reverse the wires, just swap them in the menu

These settings also work in the DX7, it just has different menu names. Most everything just transfers over (except the Gryo stuff is a bit different).

Anyway, here are the settings Merilee and I use in our transmitters:

DX6i Settings for Axe CPV3.

D/R and EXPO Menu
AILE +5% expo
ELEV +5% expo


(If you are using a 2in1 and separate gyro this is the only change required:
RATE SW-GYRO (uses FLAP/Gyro to switch modes on DX6i)
0: 99% (this value is set during flight testing,...Continue Reading