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Posted by traccer750 | Feb 26, 2013 @ 05:32 PM | 2,611 Views
AKA I just started a website Drop by and see me.

I operate a small RC heaven. With 13 heli's ranging up to the Trex700E to my 31 quads/UAV's/Drones ranging in size up to a 950mm octagon.

I buy, sell, repair, and junk RC items. Love the hobby and have been able to finance everything through my little shop and have even made a profit now and then. I'm not into this for the money although it's nice.

My fleet is still on the rise, time to sell off some before I need a bigger office. Just sold the 950mm oct to a guy in Europe but also acquired some more items.

I build/sell custom quads. I buy the frames from distributors and then set them up with electronics to be BNF and promote this hobby through a local club where I offer my services for free.