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Posted by HawkerTyphoon | Nov 19, 2011 @ 07:13 PM | 7,142 Views
Last week I picked up my own drum set. I had been borrowing my friends kit and hauling it back and forth to band practice every week. That was a hassle and it was adding a lot of wear and tear on his really nice Pearl drum set.

At first we were just looking to add some cymbals to the existing set. For some nice ones were were looking at around $200 or more for a set of Zildjian or Sabian's. While cruising Craigslist, we found a guy that had these listed. A set of entry level Pacific drums, a Sabian cymbal pack, a Pacific double bass pedal, and a top of the line Pearl hi-hat stand. It was a complete set up for less than the price of the cymbals!

The heads on the drums were shot so I had to order new ones. That also meant that I would have to tune the drum set because all the heads were coming off. I replaced the smashed up drum heads with some high end Evans heads and 4 hours of tuning later I had VERY inexpensive kit that sounds as good if not better than the Pearl I was playing before.