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Posted by HawkerTyphoon | Mar 20, 2011 @ 10:25 PM | 8,657 Views
My blog has been neglected a lot recently so here is a quick post to get it back on track,.

Last week, I was looking at the other forum I frequent, oldminibikes.com and saw this great thread on how to make your own "stinger" exhaust pipe. I looked through our scrap bin at home and didn't find anything usable, so after scrounging around at school, I found a perfect piece of thin-wall tubing on the remnant rack.

They way you make the taper is you first cut a wedge shape out of the pipe using a plasma cutter. Then using a vice, you squeeze the pipe so the gap closes up, once you do this you end up with a rough tapered pipe. To smooth things out, I used the anvil and a hammer to coax the pipe back into a round shape.

Once you are happy with the results, you weld the seam back together. To finish things off, we took a soft grinding wheel and ran it along the surface, giving it a polished look. You could also paint it but I think it will look cool once the hot exhaust turns the pipe a bluish purple tint.

The only thing left to so is to put a spark arresting screen into it, because wildfires are not so good.