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Posted by HawkerTyphoon | Nov 16, 2010 @ 08:07 PM | 10,821 Views
This isn't going to be a very exciting post but it is a master list for all of us in the FSX thread to easily and rapidly find the links we want.

Modern Jet Fighters and Trainers

Freeware IRIS F-5 Tiger

Combat upgrade for default F-18

T-45 by Dino

F-14 by Dino


Freewared IRIS Eurofighter Typhoon VERY LARGE

NASA XB-70 Valkyrie

AI Carriers and Add-Ons

AI carriers

Nimitz for AI carriers

Tankers for aerial refueling

KC 135 with flying boom

KC 135 with a fixed drogue

WW1 Aircraft


WW2 Aircraft




Civil Prop. Planes


Bellanca Scout

Bellanca Decathlon

Pitts Challenger

Cessna 206, VERY nice airplane

PAYWARE American Champion

Civil Jets

Cessna Citation X, this is a fast airplane!





ATC Info Box

Helpful Links This link is an awesome resource for setting up the graphics in FSX.
Posted by HawkerTyphoon | Nov 14, 2010 @ 10:19 PM | 10,274 Views
Today I bought something I have always wanted. A SURFBOARD!!

I was driving around this morning and I saw a garage sale. I noticed the surfboard leaning against the house and said, "If it is still there when I drive home I'll stop." Well it was so I stopped and took a look.

What I found was a 6' Carl Burns Custom. It's really rough, it looks like it got left in a car that sat in the sun. The top of the deck looks much better now that I scraped off all the old wax and grime. I bottom on the other hand needs some work. There is a large area of de-lamination that is all bubbled and wrinkled. This area will have to be cut away and repaired along with the nose, a piece on the rail, and a small patch on the tail. The trick is going to be making the repairs without making them SUPER obvious. That won't be too hard though because the base is a brownish yellow. Also there are some previous repairs where the fiberglass cloth is exposed.

The best thing about this board hands down was the price! I paid less that $10 for it. There may have been a reason, but with a little work, even if it won't look super nice, this board will be as good as new.