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Posted by HawkerTyphoon | Jul 27, 2010 @ 08:46 PM | 11,754 Views
The foamy has flown, and crashed. It flew fine right after take off, it had lots of power for climb, and had a nice steady feel to it. The trouble came the seccond I tried to make a turn. The wing bent about 15 degrees upwards the seccond I applied aileron and it fully folded when I tried to bring her back to level. It snapped right at where the wing meets the fuselage which is also where the wing spar stops. I am really really mad I broke the prop because it cost me $12 to buy 2 props online as I couldn't buy them locally, so it was essentially a $6 propeller!!!

During the rebuild I am going to make a one piece wing with a FULL LENGTH spar. Also I am going to add some reinforcement, because in my plan to save as much weight as I could, I made it too weak for flight.

Posted by HawkerTyphoon | Jul 25, 2010 @ 10:02 PM | 12,352 Views
Today I finished my 48" foamy yak. It was of my own design so well see soon how well of an airplane designer I am. It is about 32oz all up and will hopefully fly well with the E-flite Power 10/APC 11X5.5 I have on the nose. WebOCalc says it will hover but I have my doubts. Anyway with a wing loading of about 7.25 oz/square foot and 173 watts per pound it should fly nicely no matter what. If I am brave enough, the maiden flight will be tomorrow, but well see as I have other stuff going on too.

Posted by HawkerTyphoon | Jul 15, 2010 @ 02:21 PM | 12,505 Views
Last week my friend was over and saw the E-flite Power 10 that was sitting on my dresser and said, "this looks really cool, you need to buy a plane for it." Since I don't have the money for the E-flite Ultimate I was saving it for, I decided to make something out of foam. $6 later I walked out of the dollar-tree store with some foam. I have always wanted a DW Foamies Yak, so I decided to make a profile 3D Yak. The proportions are a little off, but all the major stuff is there. I wanted to spend as little as possible so I will be using some standard size servos that I had, hopefully after I get it all put together, it will be under 35 oz's. I am pretty sure I can make it as I have stripped off all the paper from the foam I dare and with it all on the scale, it reads about 32oz leaving a little lee-way for tape and glue. The wings do have spars in them, but they are on the bottoms of the wing so I don't have those ugly black spars on the top with the graphics.

More to come,
Posted by HawkerTyphoon | Jul 05, 2010 @ 10:44 PM | 12,724 Views
Last week my friends little brother got a snowboard at a consignment store and since I like snowboarding A LOT, my friend asked me if I could fix it up for him. My first impressions of it were that it was not really going to be a big deal and I was mostly correct. There were a lot of little things that needed to be done, so I figured I could just take some pictures and post them here.

Mostly the edges were "ok" and since my friends little brother hasn't really snowboarded before I pretty much left them as they were. The most I did was smooth them out where they had been chipped or smashed, and sand/file all the rust and grit off. The fun came when it came to waxing since it had absolutely nothing on the base. This made it hard to get all the dirt and grit out of the base, snow is unbelievably dirty, because normally you can just heat up the residual wax and all the junk floats to the surface and they you can wipe it out. Also with a totally dry base like this one, it takes much more work to get that first layer of wax to truly melt into the base. After that I fixed all the chips in the top base and put some bindings on.

The bindings that I put on are just a cheap pair, they came off my spare snowboard, and since they are just a hare too small for my new boots, these bindings were my very first pair so they are on the small side, I figured what the heck and bolted them on.

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