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Posted by HawkerTyphoon | Mar 31, 2010 @ 10:42 PM | 8,309 Views
This weekend the sun was out and it was about 70 degrees, today I woke up to snow! Overall we got a inch or so, but it was enough to make everything white and wet. Our Labrador loved it, she went wild the moment we let her out, and just had a blast. I really love the snow so I was pleasantly surprised too.

Posted by HawkerTyphoon | Mar 16, 2010 @ 08:34 PM | 7,988 Views
A while back, my Dad and I fixed our blasting cabinet. Instead of using chemical paint stripper, I was now able to blast all my parts with glass beads, which not only works way better, but also looks a lot nicer too. It leaves them bright and shiny, instead of dull and somewhat greasy.

If you want to see what they looked like before, a couple post back in my blog I showed the control sticks and on the seccond page of my blog, I showed a couple pictures of my rudder pedals.

Posted by HawkerTyphoon | Mar 04, 2010 @ 06:02 PM | 6,705 Views
Earlier this week I acquired a non flyable Blade MCX. Over the course of the week I have fixed it and it is flying great. So far, after about almost 2 years of CX2 flying, I have had more fun with my MCX in the 3 days I have had it than I really have ever had with my CX2! It is so much more stable and PRECISE. I really would never have believed the hype had I not flown one myself. But here is the catch that I couldn't believe, this ultra stable, tiny indoor flier, with all it easiness to fly, has improved my flying!

I flew my CX2 today and It was just amazing how even though it was harder to fly than my MCX, I was way more smooth, much more in control and I could actually do a decent nose in hover! I was so amazed I couldn't believe it.The biggest thing I found in that flying the MCX is that it is just so fun to fly. It is small enough to fly anywhere but still big enough to have an imposing presence in the air. This is now by far my favorite RC model I own.

Posted by HawkerTyphoon | Mar 01, 2010 @ 08:55 PM | 6,513 Views
In a trade with a fellow RCG member I have acquired a BNF Blade MCX. When it arrived it would not fly at all, it had some major issues. After much fiddling and a little luck I have gotten it so it will fly. It still needs much tweaking to fly well but I have it so I can hover and do a tad moving around but it still is a little unstable. I really can't wait until I get this all worked out because this little helicopter looks like it is going to be a sweet flier!