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Posted by TheCure | Mar 28, 2014 @ 05:27 AM | 3,123 Views
In my few years of RC bliss, I've come to realize my needs on occasion outstrip what is currently offered. So, I've taken up the task to modify various systems to conform to my perceived needs. For example:

- Aurora 9 customized to include internal Spektrum, and FrSky radio modules. (The Hitec module still comfortably remains in the module receptacle). Radio systems are selectable my 3-pos switch w/ indicator light. The Hitec and FrSky telemetry can be sent via Bluetooth. The idea is to have a host system running an application that displays telemetry data.

-Android application for the above. The Android application was half completed and put on the back burner for now. Features include text based dashboard, graphical cockpit based dashboard. Configurable positioning, and visibility of every component. Programmable auditory warnings with priority levels. Logging of telemetry data. Playback of data. Save GPS data to Google Earth compatible file (KML) for later viewing of exact flight in 3D space.

-Arduino-based diversity video switcher. Just finished this tonight. Twas fun to jump back into microcontroller programming. Arduino is exponentially easier to get up and running compared to previous experiences.
This controller seamlessly switches 2 (could be more) channels of video by comparing the RSSI value of the video sources. Voltage is also displayed which eliminates another item from hanging off my ground station. A menu system allows the user to change display modes and configure the switching behaviour.

-Nothing too ground breaking, or pioneering in nature here, but assembled a DIY standalone 3 axis headtracker and an internal Fatshark version built from same platform.

-...more to come... need to sleep now
Posted by TheCure | Jan 13, 2014 @ 04:36 AM | 3,800 Views
Thought I'd list the airframes I own and fly with the thought others of like mind can enjoy. Ask questions if you like, I'm happy to help out.

From most favourite to least:

(I'll add pictures later)

HK Rare Bear 800mm - phenomenally fun, and one of best bangs for buck
HK Parkjet II - modified dual props. not flown yet, but will be one of favourites i think
HK Parkjet II - always tags along great slow flying, fast, high winds. Amazing bang for buck
HK Parkjet II - modified with 4700kv motor. difficult to hand launch. hasnt spent much time in air
Dynam Meteor - Great predictably-flying jet. Doesnt do anything wrong. Makes the beginners look like heros
BH Mig 29 - 360deg dual 55mm fan TV for cheap. HUGE pucker factor here. A blast to fly. Sounds magical with both EDFs balanced
Scratchbuilt FT Baby Blender - looks and flies great. very agile
Scratchbuilt Spitfire - flying characteristics are near perfect. No pucker factor at all with this one
Scratchbuilt Bloody Wonder - flies equally well inverted. super nimble. installed lights and fly this at dusk
Scratchbuilt SU-37 - built light, with strong motor. Flies quick and slow. More unlocked capability with dynamic canards
Scratchbuilt Mig 29 - abit heavy, but looks pretty good and flies fast well
Scratchbuilt FT Flier - modified for 4 props. Lots of power
Scratchbuilt 300 - first SB attempt. Great platform to attempt to learn 3D. Super nimble and predictable.
Durafly 1400mm Corsair - brilliant plane. Great bang for buck
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