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Posted by F-111 John | Feb 21, 2010 @ 02:10 PM | 26,431 Views
Ever wondered how to program the FlySky/Hobby King/Turobrix/Exceed CT6-A radio for Elevons, V-Tail, or Flapperons? Here are the basic mixes necessary to get those functions out of your radio. Remember, there are only three mixes available, so you can only do one of these mixes at any time. In other words, you cannot have a V-Tail AND flapperons at the same time. Sorry!

These directions assume that you already have the program T6Config up and running, and that you have successfully installed the drivers for the programming cord. You should be able to launch the T6Config program, choose the correct COM port, and see the green bars move when you move the sticks on your radio. If you are at this point, read on.

If you can't get any of the above to work, I'm no computer guru, so I refer you to an excellent website written by RCGroups member Melnic called http://www.mycoolheli.com/t6config.html. He has links to the USB driver programs, the T6Config program, and some sample setting files for several helicopters. What he doesn't cover are airplane mixes, and that is where this thread comes in.

These directions are geared towards the original T6Config program, including reproducing the typos that are in the menus. The biggest typo that throws people off is the use of "Model1, Model2, Model3 and Model4" in the stick select screen. Some people think "cool! 4 model memory!" But no, this actually chooses which stick controls which receiver channel.

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