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Posted by Mdlav8r | Jun 16, 2009 @ 10:52 PM | 2,587 Views
Hello all! I am quite new to this whole blogging thing, in fact this is my first so I'll get right to the point. My first flight ever was on February 13th of this year with a Hobbyzone Super Cub. My first nitro flight with ailerons was on April 10th with a Hobbico Airvista .40 (O.S. LA) Trainer. I am currently poking holes in the sky with an old stick-built Ultra Sport with a H&B .40. That's my flight history up to date, now for my query. I have been spending the last few weeks putting together my first ARF, a Cap 232 .40 size plane made by The Wings Maker. I took so long because it took me some time with my quite limited budget to get everything together. My Cap is completely built and ready to fly with the exception of one final component, an engine. I jokingly refer to myself at the local airfield as so you can understand why I have narrowed my engine selection down to two choices. An Aviastar or a Magnum. No one at my field can tell me anything about the Aviastar and I get mixed reviews regarding the Magnum. I had considered using the engine from my Ultra Sport however it and my other plane are both hand-me-downs with tired engines and it is important to me that my first 'virgin' aircraft has a shiny new engine......on a budget of course. Any info or feedback that you all may have about the Aviastar would be greatly appreciated. In closing I would like to thank the organizers and members of this site for making this my best source for information anywhere. Without this site my local corporate hobby shop would have steered me in the wrong direction (red and white electric cessna that comes with a simulator) completely and I would not be enjoying 100 mph inverted 'worm burners' with my Ultra Sport!! Thanks!!