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Posted by crawlspace | Mar 29, 2011 @ 01:22 AM | 5,977 Views
This is another one of my rubber powered to electric conversions on an older out of production kit, I'm guessing that Comet's Superstars line came out sometime in the 70's. The Sopwith Camel plans are copyright 1973 and the full color artwork on the boxes has a 70's look to it that I find appealing, you just don't see that kind of stuff anymore. The box says 1/12 scale but, with a 32" wingspan and 20 5/8" length, measures up at 1/10th scale so go figure. I once again picked this kit for it's size and I found one on ebay for about $35.00.
Posted by crawlspace | Feb 07, 2011 @ 12:12 PM | 9,017 Views
After assembling and flying a bunch of ARFs I decided it was time to start building kits, I only fly electric so i began to look at some older kits that would be suitable for conversion. I picked the rubber powered Sterling Aeronca C-3 because of it's 36" wingspan. I started with an incomplete kit (no wing parts) I found on eBay because it came with the plastic pieces, the plans, and the decals and I knew the parts outlines were included on most of the Sterling "A" series models so I could make anything that was missing. Upon inspection of the kit and the quality of wood (or lack thereof) it became apparent this would have to be a build from plans if I wanted to keep weight to a minimum.