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Posted by wamsy55 | Jun 30, 2009 @ 06:19 PM | 3,289 Views
Well , I love to design my own planes.

I guess I will document my newest project.

I Will use a Welguard Micro Park-jet motor with a 3s lipo , should give me plenty of power.

Next post will be more pictures and maiden flight.

Not sure what to call it , but when I first designed it I called it the Stealth so I guess thats what I will call if for now.

This is the 3rd version:

The first version was tail heavy , and the second version flew but it rolled to one side the whole time and crashed.

Third time is the charm I guess , if that applys to Rc planes

I really want to design a nice plane so I hope this one makes the cut.

I have some basic plans for it already , but they aren't great , I made them to the best of my ability so you have to use half of the parts twice to get the 3D canopy and underbelly.

Hope it works ! (P.S If you look at the pictures closely you might have noticed I am 15 , just to save future questions)