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Posted by Michael Powell | Oct 29, 2012 @ 04:43 AM | 2,310 Views
I managed to get airborne twice on Thursday, no mean achievement, with a normal javelin throw rather than use a bungee assist. The wind was too strong for anything else to fly other than at full throttle, but the wind helped give the MicroJet some take off speed, so it was useful.

Once airborne, the MicroJet ignored the wind, and skimmed about in wide sweeping arcs from one end of visibility to another. I reached for my glasses but failed, which should have been a message to land and put them on. It was a low-cloud day and eventually the plane, all white of course, clipped into the corner of a cloud.

It soon disappeared altogether, flashing a few times, but not giving me much idea which was up, and which down. Eventually I could see nothing, so powered down and waited. I should have put in full up elevator and waited for something to flutter out of the cloud.

Instead there was a brief flash of plane zipping earthwards between the cloud and the edge of the ridge. I just had time to line it up with a bush before locking up the van and marching off along the line to the bush and beyond.

I failed. There were lots of trees, bushes, heather and bracken below the ridge, and the speedy almost vertical descent would have meant the plane was out of sight below the canopy of foliage.

But I was looking too near to where I had been standing. I went back on the next day and walked straight out along my sight line for about thirty minutes. It was steep, there were fences and...Continue Reading