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Posted by Cuddles | Feb 15, 2012 @ 11:00 PM | 6,306 Views
Two years ago I fell in love with this wonderful ship.
Data research was really hard but I stubbornly looked under every stone and now I believe to have enought infos to start building.

From "Ships that fly",JOHN R. MEYER Jr

Overlapping the events just described in connection with SEA LEGS was a
series of developments within the Maritime Administration (MARAD) that
started in 1955. These were sparked by the commercial application of
hydrofoils in Europe and the researchb eing sponsoredb y the U.S. Navy. The
Maritime Administration Coordinator of Research, Charles R. Denison, was
enthusiastic about the future commercial potential of the hydrofoil and in
1958 sponsored an extensive parametric study carried out by Grumman
Aerospace Corporation and its affiliate Dynamic Developments, Inc. The
purpose of the study was to determine the type of hydrofoil craft best suited
to future express-cargo and passenger applications and establish design
criteria for such craft. Speedso f 50 to 200 knots, displacementsfr om 100 to
3,000 tons, and ranges from 400 to 3,600 nautical miles were considered. Foil
section shapesa nd arrangementsp, ower plants and propulsors,h ull form, and
control systems were treated including several preliminary designs for
oceangoing ships. Based on the favorable results of this study, MARAD
contracted with Grumman in 1959 for design studies for two test craft. One
was to have a conventional powerplant and the other a provision...Continue Reading